All of us want Orissa to be number 1 state in terms of development. And who can do this ? Engineers. When Orissa is on accelerated path to industrialization with more than 50,000 crores rupees being proposed for investment, the State needs Quality engineers & high-class testing facilities. It needs more than one NIT to meet this requirement. UCE is the only appropriate college to fill the vacancy. UCE has everything – from huge college building to sprawling campus, well-designed laboratories & workshop, biggest technical library, biggest auditorium, etc. With assets of more than 300 cores, UCE does not need much investment for its upgradation. It has acres land in use while 369 acres land is available for further extension. Once UCE becomes Deemed University, it would attract central aids & grants, investment from NRIs. This would reduce burden on the State Government. UCE has rich culture, strong fundamentals, self-belief, and carefully nurtured ethics as ingredient for achieving its vision. UCE was the brain-child of the legendary leader Sri Biju Patnaik, who dreamt of building it as a national college. With his resignation as Chief Minister and premature demise of Nehru, he could not make it an IIT. The long chain of alumni of UCE and the people of the State have belief that his son shall fulfill the dream of his father. The change of Government at the Centre might have disturbed his calculations, but people are sure that he will return back UCE its due. UCE shall soon be Deemed University and someday an IIT.

The psychological factors that influence voter behavior are a voter’s perceptions of politics, that is, how the voter sees the parties, the candidates, and the issues in an election. [10] Many people are also very lazy when it comes to voting so they usually just pick the first candidates they see on the ballot just to get it over with. The farther down the ballot an office is, the fewer the number of votes that will be cast for it. This is called “Ballot fatigue”. The expression suggests that many voters exhaust their patience and/or their knowledge as they work their way down the ballot.

Apathy - A Decade Of ViolenceApathy - A Decade Of ViolenceApathy - A Decade Of ViolenceApathy - A Decade Of Violence